Corporate Massage Therapy

Corporate massage provides massage services that leave everyone stress free, relaxed and happy! From start to finish our knowledgeable, helpful and experienced massage professional strive to make your experience easy and stress free.

The massage is performed while you remain fully clothed. Focus is placed on key tension areas in the shoulders, neck, back, head, legs, arms and hands while you are comfortably lying on massage table. There are no messy oils or lotions used.

With corporate massage you can expect an increase in productivity, positive energy, creativity, morale and motivation.

Benefits of massage treatment

Company Benefits

  • Massage boosts productivity
  • Massage increases employee loyalty, motivation, and morale
  • Massage reduces sick days, stress-related illness and repetitive use injuries
  • Rewards employees

Employee Benefits

  • Alleviates stress, tension, pain, stiffness, and mental fatigue
  • Eases computer-related repetitive strain
  • Enhances creativity, energy, and focus
  • Heightens a sense of value and appreciation
  • Elevates levels of natural “feel-good” endorphins

Minimum of 3 hours of Corporate massage therapy is required to book an appointment.